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Satsuma Tangerine
Satsuma Tangerine
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Satsuma Tangerine is sweet and usually seedless, about the size of other mandarin oranges (Citrus reticulata), smaller than an orange. One of the distinguishing features of the satsuma is the distinctive thin, leathery skin dotted with large and prominent oil glands, which is lightly attached around the fruit, enabling it to be peeled very easily in comparison to other citrus fruits.

The satsuma also has particularly delicate flesh, which cannot withstand the effects of careless handling. The uniquely loose skin of the satsuma, however, means that any such bruising and damage to the fruit may not be immediately apparent upon the typical cursory visual inspection associated with assessing the quality of other fruits. In this regard, the satsuma is often categorised by citrus growers as a hit-and-miss citrus fruit, the loose skin particular to the fruit precluding the definitive measurement of its quality by sight and feel alone

Satsuma Tangerines peak Availability: November - January, July - August.

Our Satsuma Tangerines are handpicked and delivered fresh in season. It makes the perfect gift for anyone! We take pre orders for Natural Satsuma Tangerines Fruits.

Please call us for Availabilty. It is Mother Nature,exotic fruits seasons always ups and down