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Kesar mango has a unique sweet taste


Buy exotic fruits bring the juiciest and flavorful natural delicacies of Kesar Mangos.

The Kesar Mangos are used widely in South Asian cuisine, for everything from mango Lassi (a drink made with yogurt) to curries and chutneys. In India, it's not uncommon for families to have mango trees in their yards. But until now, Indians here had been forced to make do with what they consider a pale imitation of the fruit that flavored their childhoods.

Now, with the lifting of the ban, Waltham shopkeepers say, the mangoes are flying off the shelves. There are five grocery stores on Moody Street catering to local Indians, Pakistanis, and Sri Lankans.

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Kesar Mango - 6 Mangos
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